FreePBX 2.8 Release Candidate Released

Philippe Lindheimer

Philippe Lindheimer

We hinted at the potential of a release candidate [url=/news/2010-06-18/freepbx-2-8-almost-ready-for-release-candidate]in last week’s blog[/url] and from the great stability we’ve seen so far here we are! We’ve now had about 1500 testers on the previous beta which is enough with the low bug rate to move forward as we just did! As of this blog we’ve closed 299 tickets against the [url=/v2/milestone/2.8?by=type]2.8 Milestone[/url] many of them being new features or bug fixes that existed in prior releases (and are often ONLY fixed in this release!)

We mentioned last week that we provided a [url=/news/2010-03-20/sneak-preview-of-2-8]Sneak Preview[/url] of the release in an earlier blog, and have discussed just a few of the exciting features such as the [url=/news/2010-05-09/preview-the-all-new-directory]Company Directory Module[/url] and the enhanced [url=/news/2010-05-30/high-availability-backup-and-restore]Remote Backup (e.g poor man’s HA)[/url] capabilities in earlier blogs as well. We are also excited to have upgraded the sound files in the Company Directory, as always much thanks to Allison for her great voice talent!

We’ll reiterate that there are way too many enhancements both big and small to try and list them here, and some of them you may find are quite “hidden” without digging though. For example, did you know that you can now collapse/expand categories in the Left Navigation bar by simply clicking on the category? If you are really picky, have a look at the new “secret” [url=/v2/ticket/4311]freepbx_admin.conf INI file[/url], which lets you completely re-arrange the layout and names on the Left Navigation bar. (Sorry, there’s no GUI or module for that yet, maybe in the future…). You can drill down in the [url=/v2/milestone/2.8?by=type]2.8 Milestone[/url] and then into the tickets to get an idea of all that 2.8 is bringing.

For now, we are looking forward that you to spend some time exploring all the small and big things we have done with version 2.8. As we wrap up this milestone, we are really excited to start planning for the next one. We have some great ideas in mind and as always we’ll be sifting through the trac system looking at open tickets to consider when planning the next release. We’ve also been thinking about a new facelift as it’s been a while, maybe we’ll get motivated … stay tuned!

[b]Philippe[/b] – On Behalf of the FreePBX Team

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