FreePBX Offers SIP Service

Not only does FreePBX provide one of the most feature rich PBXs in the market, with a price that can’t be beat, it is has also been the key for thousands of businesses to escape the lock that traditional telephony providers have had on them for so many decades.

With SIP phone service so readily available, it has led to hundreds of SIP VoIP telephony providers and with that, a lot of confusion as to what providers to use and who is going to provide reasonable service and be ready to support a FreePBX/Asterisk based platform, or who is even going to continue to be around as many have gone out of business. Having worked with hundreds of customer systems, I can tell you that the reliability and technical knowledge amongst these providers varies across the board and choosing who to use or trusting what they are telling you when things go wrong can be a daunting task for the customer base.

With the affiliation of as the primary corporate sponsor of FreePBX, we decided to help our customer base by developing a service that would be mutually beneficial to FreePBX users looking for reliable SIP trunking services and for the FreePBX project to gain a revenue stream to further support its development efforts. has one of the best VoIP infrastructures in the US market with a nationwide network and multiple points of redundancy across the country. They are also a strong and financially healthy company, with three INC 500 awards from 2005-2008, one of only nine companies to win the award three years running. Of those nine privately held companies, was the 4th fastest growing overall and the only Telecom firm on the list.

Although has been supplying one of the best SIP trunking services in the industry, they have not offered their service using instant online activation nor is it available to systems that do not have static IP addresses. In order to address this we have created a new FreePBX branded SIP Trunking service delivered on’s network with the goal of seamless interoperability with FreePBX and available for quick and easy activation so you can be up and running in minutes. Our initial offerings will target the commonly requested Unlimited 2-Way SIP Trunk service complete with one or multiple DIDs on an account and E911 enabled service across the US.

Although our service will not be free in the same way that FreePBX is, we are striving to create an excellent service at a reasonable price and will evolve the capabilities as new customers come online and provide feedback for what they are looking for. One example of “reasonable” is the cost of DIDs (inbound phone numbers). We have found that many providers serving SOHO and small SMB businesses charge $5-$15 per additional DID per month! There is no good reason for that and as a result, we will price our DIDs for only $1 each per month, so purchase as many as you need!

Are you looking to obtain top quality SIP service that runs on one of the best VoIP network in the country, is designed to work with FreePBX and will directly support the further development of the project?

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  1. I signed up the other night. It was quick and easy to setup. Service so far is great, ATA device to my asterisk box be damned. I purchased two DIDs and I was off to the races. The speed in the processing of the order was truly amazing.

    Any idea when inbound calling will be available? I have a static ip address so I was curious.

    Overall so far so good.

  2. Is there a link to pricing, per minute termination, billing increment,etc.
    Note: I went further and think I got the answer. $25/mo flat rate for one connection on each $25.00 line. I guess two DID working at the same time would require two $25 lines.
  3. The number of DIDs and the number of ‘Simultaneous’ lines you can have are independent. A small office might only require 2-3 simultaneous lines but still want 10 DIDs. Or you may want one DID for you and one for your spouse, but only require one simultaneous channel. (Unless you have teenagers in the house and you are trying to ween them from the cell phone bill, then you might need more channels…)
  4. Brian,

    we will have number porting but since that is an inherently manual process we are kicking off the new service and DIDs first and putting a few number ports through with early beta testers (I’m about to be one of those).

    If you want to be one of the beta testers with a number port then feel free to sign up for some service and then ping us at the support email address to get you going.

    One thing, we won’t be porting any toll free numbers yet since we have not finished the inbound toll free side of our SIP service.

  5. what is the IP address of FreePBX sip servers. All they gave me was my sip name and password.
    where do I tell my asterisk box to register this trunk with?

    I can’t even find anywhere to get information from. any help would be great, thanks.


  6. Thanks for all the feedback, we are listening and trying to update and work out the kinks as we hear from you.

    The configuration instructions can be found as cosmicwombat pointed out at: (I created a short cut).

    The DIDs are $1. The trunks are $24.99 and you will need at least one trunk for your DIDs to work.

  7. Hi Philippe, congratulations on the launch of your service.

    Could you comment on the structure of who is actually providing the billing and customer service for these trunks?

    How will the profits from this venture support the development of FreePBX?

  8. Phillipe,

    Hope all has been well with you since OTTS on Lummi Island!

    Quick question to make certain I am understanding things correctly.

    The price is $25 per month per channel?! Both in and out? Or is that a one time setup fee?


  9. When you compare the charges with Teliax, they give you $49.99/M with single DID but with 4 Channels. That means you can have 4 people talking at the same time on either outbound or inbound calls. That seems like an ideal situation for a small business.
    Reading this thread, I think the price is $25/month per channel. So effectively at $50/M you would get only 2 channels Vs 4 with Teliax ?????
    In any case I would still try out this service.
    How is the call quality on a DSL line?
    Do they support G729 codecs?
  10. Answering a few questions:


    The service is running on’s purpose built SIP network, the exact same network that their service runs on. They are also providing the billing (well technically the secure billing gateway is doing that) as well as the customer service as described in the service agreement.

    The profits of the venture support the operations and development of FreePBX. The operations, simply to run the site and repository mirror costs thousands of dollars per year. On top of that there is the staff provided developers which include me and other resources that we are putting on the project. This compliments the many other ‘community’ developers who also work on the project.


    The $24.99/month is the cost per channel per month. We are fine tuning how that works, but we will make sure that a typical single person SOHO who only requires a ‘single line’ will be able to have just one trunk while ensuring features like call forwarding and Follow-Me work effectively when a call comes into the PBX and needs to go back out to call your cell phone or other external number.


    Be careful how you compare. As mentioned there are other caps that come into play. I assure you that our service will be competitive as we hear and see feedback like this. You also get the added benefit over other providers that you are supporting the project, and that we are working towards closer integration with FreePBX. The service is made to work with FreePBX!

  11. Hi Phillipe,
    First of all, my complements to you and the freepbx team for what you have done for the Open Source community. Due to it’s versatility, freepbx is by far the most widely used GUI in any asterisk flavor.
    I agree with the caps that Teliax has on their service. Besides, I am not sure if Fax works well with Teliax.
    Have you tested fax? Does it work? How is the quality?
  12. I am using the service over DSL and I think it sounds as good or better then the other providers I am trying ( I test a lot.)

    I have had Teliax the longest followed by Telasip, Vitelity, FonicaVoIP and I am trying out Sipgate and my plan is to do a “shoot out” in blog form in another month or so.

  13. kumar007,

    Thanks for your comments. As far as FAX, that is never something that you can depend on over VoIP as it is so dependent on the internet connection between you and the POP where the media will be delivered from (which does not have to be the SIP Server).

    In most cases, the issues occur in the last mile, where the customer interconnects with their ISP. Solutions like T38 are evolving but still not really there yet and it requires special devices or other solutions that are just now evolving.

    So on the fax front, it is delivered best effort and if you have fax needs that you need to depend on, you still want to look at other solutions though we are investigating options that we could try to provide. So how well it works you will have to purchase a trunk and give it a try on your end, that’s the only way to really find out.

  14. multitel,

    1847 is not toll free, the current toll free numbers in the NPA are 800, 888, 877 and 866; 855, 844, 833, 822, 880, 881, 882, 883, 884, 885, 886, 887 and 889 are reserved for future use.

    We have not rolled out toll free numbers yet which is why you can’t find them when you search. That is coming shortly after we ramp up the Unlimited Trunk service. Stay tuned, we’ll let you know pricing then; it will be attractive!

  15. hosdes,
    at this time we only offer US numbers and service. As far as toll free numbers, see my comment above a few posts. We have not yet rolled out the toll free numbers, they are coming shortly.
  16. I have been debugging some odd issues that have highlighted problems with Asterisk and how it handles SRV records. It should be taking the highest priority only but appears to randomly be grabbing either of the two.

    This can result in incoming calls failing for one of a couple reasons. I have modified the FreePBX Configuration Instructions but the crux of the change is that you should be using as your configuration and registration server.

  17. Is the DID service working? I added two DID’s but when I dial them I get a “number not in service” error. The error is not an asterisk recording and the inbound calls never make it to my server.
  18. vanwiekt,

    check your configuraion against the instructions at

    Most likely you have registered with and not Asterisk has issues with SRV records and is not resolving correctly, making it go to sometimes.

    If that happens, you will show as registered however currently that is not supported (registering on trunk2) and this will result in the service not knowing how to find you and this error. It can also result in inbound call problems if you have that for your peer settings since here won’t be a context to match up with for the inbound calls which come from trunk1, unless you have Anonymous SIP calls enabled.

    This will be changed shortly on our end when we replicate the registration database across both servers. However, the latter issue will still be a problem though I will provide instructions on how to resolve it once we do the replication. In any event, using for both peer and registration settings should allow all services to work.

  19. p_lindheimer,

    Thanks, turns out I had a brain lapse and had set instead of That’s what I get for working on stuff with three hours of sleep.

    As for DID’s I was only able to find one DID that was local to this asterisk systems location, and it was one town over. I was unable to find any DID for Gainesville, FL (352) or Alachua, FL (386). There were plenty of numbers in those area codes put none are a local call. Is this just a limitation on the web interface or do you truly have no DID’s for those two cites.


  20. vanwiekt,
    glad you got it working. I will pass on your comments wrt to DIDs. It may simply be that they need to be back filled as it is possible for inventory in different markets to get depleted.
  21. This looks great. I’ve been considering cutting the cord to POTS.

    One thing that would make this better for me is the ability to have two different kinds of trunks. I’d like an unlimited trunk for my main one.

    There are times, however, that I may be on the phone and I’d like the second call to come through so that I can either put the first call on hold or have it go to voicemail (on Asterisk). Also, there are rare times that I may be on the phone and my wife needs to make a call. Again, this is rare.

    What I’d like is to have a second trunk that is not unlimited. How about a second trunk for $5 a month with 500 minutes included and a per-minute fee after that (capped at $25, of course, where you might as well have an unlimited trunk).

    Truthfully, I’d almost never touch the second trunk. I’d like to know it’s there, though, and I’m not going to spend an extra $25 a month for it.


  22. Jamie,

    your suggestions are appreciated and understandable. We are working to make sure that you can have a home system similar to what you are describing such that you do not need to have 2 trunks as a home user for the type of scenarios you require.

    For now, you can get a single trunk and you will find your inbound calls will still make it in even when you are on the outbound trunk (or another inbound call). Going forward we are looking at good solutions to solve your occasional second outbound trunk desire as well.

  23. We don’t plan on having a DID only option right away though are looking at it, but would probably be more than just $1/mo for just a DID an no trunks.
  24. What is the world unlimited trunks mean? Does it mean unlimtied channels?

    I have 4 channels with asterisk service with 1 DID that includes caller ID name lookup for $11 per month.

    Are you saying then I could move my other 3 numbers from $3.98 Nerdvittles special 2 channel per did service for a total of 4 dids X $1 =$4+$24.98= $28.98 and have more than the 10 channels of service I have now?

    Or would the same thing be 24.98 per channel which would then cost me hundreds of dollars? 24.98X 10 249.80+$4 =253.5

  25. kieranmullen3,

    The service will be competitive with other quality services as we role it out. Quality service means we focus on high quality termination so that the service is rock solid. You don’t get that everywhere.

    We are also looking into other bundle variations as we get feedback.

    The goal, in the end, is to have super service with desirable features (which will grow over time) for a very fair price. It’s a win for customers looking for reliable products and has the added benefit of supporting the product.

    What is out now is the tip of the iceberg, but we are approaching it conservatively just like we do the further development of FreePBX. Our community has learned to trust and expect high quality out of this project and anything that associates its name with it. We plan on reinforcing that well earned reputation!

  26. Schwark,
    the feedback is very much appreciated. Can you provide some specifics? I just went to the store, on my Mac Book and was able to add some DIDs to my cart and proceed to the checkout.

    Safari Version 3.2.3 (5525.28.3)
    Mac OS Version 10.5.7

  27. …to the number of SIP trunks I can purchase/keep in my account at one time? I could see our business using 50 to 100 in a year from now, and maybe 100 to 150 DID trunks.

    Do we have control over the outbound caller ID? I currently have three trunks, and this is much more attractive pricing as we grow our VoIP business.


  28. You can have as many trunks and as many DIDs as you want in the account. And you can set the CID to any of the DIDs or anything else so that CF/Follow-Me type services can re-transmit the incoming CID.

    The only current limitation is that a single account is limited to a single location at this time, from an E911 perspective.

    Keep in mind that this is a retail based service, it is not targeted at wholesale usage.

  29. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe this service, referred to as a business service in the agreement, is one of the few that can take care of listing your name/company with the local ILEC’s directory assistance database. Other VoIP providers I’ve contacted do not do this. Normally you have to deal with some outfit further up the food chain such as Level3 in order to keep a small business’s white pages listing current once you go to VoIP.
  30. I do not believe the directory is relevant any longer. Many of the business I have spoken to that have placed actual ads instead of just white page listings, did not obtain a significant number of leads through it. Regardless, should you decide to advertise in these directories, they are mainly handled by third party companies.
  31. Yellow pages listings and their efficacy is not a subject I was addressing.

    In the U.S. the relevance of having a white pages listing in your ILEC’s phone book is one of establishing authenticity and is certainly not related to lead generation as white pages and the local 1411/411 information services require the caller to know the name of the party or business.

    If you port a number away from your local phone company to most VoIP providers, your listing will disappear from the white pages and 1411/411 unless your VoIP provider is close enough to or is the CLEC accepting your port. In most cases the VoIP provider is too many levels removed from the CLEC.

    What kind of business is it if one can’t get an automobile dealer or doctor’s ofice from 411?

    The ILEC’s white pages is the baseline for all directory services, including those offered by cell phone companies, as it is the most complete database of phone numbers for a given area.

    This single feature continues to be the most prominent differentiator between an ILEC/CLEC VoIP offering and the vast majority of small VoIP vendors.

  32. Yellow pages listings AND white page listings AND their efficacy IS the subject I was addressing

    Go to and and register your business for a free listing. You will find the “FREE Listing” link on the left nav on the home page.

    You can contact Verizon Wireless at 1-800 722-0577 and ask for a “foreign listing” – you don’t actually have to have a Verizon number to get into their wireless 411 directory. There is a one-time $9 fee and a $1.12 monthly charge.

    Finally you can open up the book you want to be listed in and sometimes there are forms there to submit yourself. The more numebrs they collect the more valuable they think their book is and often there is no charge for this.

  33. @p_lindheimer

    “The only current limitation is that a single account is limited to a single location at this time, from an E911 perspective”

    Let’s say I have 5 clients at 5 different locations and I have a FreePBX trunk account with 10 channels. Can I register the trunk at each location without issue? e911 is no concern to me as I always wire in a POTS line for this purpose.

  34. cjkeeme,

    It is not meant for that, and I don’t recall what the Terms and Conditions officially allow you to do.

    However, technically, if you have any DIDs, then that will not work. Each time you make a call, you are effectively ‘re-registering’ (that is part of the authentication process when making an outbound call). The registration process tells us where you are and thus where to send inbound calls to. So if do what you describe, it will result in confusing all your inbound traffic which will start being directed randomly to different servers.

  35. It has been more than a month now since this product has been advertised. Still no complete information has been updated on the site. No terms and conditions have been posted. Ie How many channels and how many unlimited minutes one gets (unlimited gets thrown around a lot) Or is it pay per minute ? Does this include CNAME? The support number is just a recording, so why is it there? To give a false sense of support? Once users are paid users can they get phone based support from Are these independant products or can they be combined? 10 dids shared on an unlimited trunk ? Thank you
  36. kieranmullen3,

    is there a reason to be so negative: [i]”The support number is just a recording, so why there? To give a false sense of support? …”[/i] That is a pretty sinister statement for someone who has not used the product and has no knowledge at all of the support that our customers are getting. Feel free to ask, I believe you will find that it is outstanding.

    The support is email only, it is stated in the Terms and Conditions that are available as both a click through and pdf download if you go through the checkout process but before any credit card information is provided. I hope there is a lot of information provided, it is long enough to keep anyone occupied reading it for a while. (Got to keep the lawyers employed in our economy…)

    And no, the support number is not there for any sinister reason at all. It is there because prior to having that message, in absence of any number provided, customers were [i]finding[/i] numbers such as the paid support services number or the Bandwidth number. This simply resulted in those customers being frustrated to have wasted their time trying to talk with someone who could be of no help which none of us enjoy. So the number very much serves a purpose and was put there to address a very real need.

    The service does include CNAM. The service is built on the Bandwidth network so you get all of the quality of that network but the service is not the same, they are independent. You can have as many DIDs as you want once you get at least one trunk. You will get one channel per trunk.

  37. Nothing against you. I send everyone on through the ringer too. It just seems it is not displayed in a user friendly format. Also T7C’s are usually located with a direct link at the bottom of the page.

    I called the phone number and the message is just a looped message that says to send an email. So what purpose does it serve? I am not questioning how you provide support just your presentation. I have several services which are email only.

    Finally how can the services presented be independent when you just said ”
    you get one simultaneous channel per trunk and you need at least one trunk to purchase DIDs” If one item “needs” another it is dependent, not independent.
    Perhaps you and I are talking about two different items? I am speaking of the items which you have pricing for and you are talking about the quality and service correct?

    Thank you!


  38. [quote=kieranmullen3]Once users are paid users can they get phone based support from Are these independant products or can they be combined?[/quote]

    My answer was in response to that. Maybe I mis-interpreted your question as I read it as if you were asking if the services were independent or part of

    A [i]trunk[/i] or SIP channel [i]carries[/i] a call. A DID is simply an identifying number that is associated with an inbound call. The two can not be independent. (Though a call does not have to have a DID associated with it – though all ours do).

  39. Hi I know the difference between a did,trunk & channel. However MOST of all the other carriers out there give you X channels with your 1 did for Z price and then from there you can add on X channels or Y dids for z price. I have had over the years broadvoice, vitelity, voicepulse (besides vonage, sunrocket, magicjack and skype but they really dont count)

    As I understand it now would cost me $100.96 per month to replace my current 4 channel 1 did service @ $11 per month that I have had for about 3 years.

    Thank you


  40. If you can get 4 simultaneous channels of unlimited inbound/outbound call service for $11/month fixed price then I suggest you keep that service.

    To the best of my knowledge though, I do not think there are services out there that will give you 4 unlimited inbound/outbound trunks plus a DID for a flat rate of $11/month, CNAM and E911 included. If there are, then you may want to make contingency plans for when such a carrier goes out of business 🙂

    In any event, I respectfully ask that you do not take this thread off topic or hijack it un-necessarily. Feel free to ask questions about the service that is blogged about here. If you want to do a case study on offerings by other carriers then feel free to start a new thread in the forums.

    Our goal is not to be the cut rate cheapest carrier out there. I’ve seen too many of those come and go. Our purpose is to provide an outstanding product at a very fair price that can be supported in a high quality manner, can grow to include features important to our customer base, and can support the continued growth and strength of the FreePBX project. I am not aware of other carriers supporting FreePBX like this product does (with the exception of who contributes immensely).

  41. cnam & e911 yes outgoing no.

    See now we are getting somewhere as a result of this cat. 🙂 I did not know it included unlimited outbound. This is the only place where unlimited outbound calling appears. It also is not included on the sales page either.

    Essential stuff to have on there.

  42. The service is up and running fine. It looks like it was rectified per the discussion with support. So far it doesn’t look like there were any issues but we are still checking to make sure 🙂
  43. I am still receiving inbound calls via voipo – I tried forwarding the voipo number to my temporary freepbx number, but apparently the latency then sucked, so I turned that off (no idea why this was behaving so badly.) I did set my outbound config to use the freepbx trunk(s) by preference, spoofing my home (voipo) number and so far, it seems to be working very well – the calls have been high quality. Then again, the underlying provider seems to be the same, so I am not surprised. My only (minor) negative: you really need to get a ticket system in place sometime; I opened a ticket wrt not seeing inbound CNAM, and while the support person was very prompt and polite (and the issue was quickly resolved), it was a little disconcerting to not have any way to know what is going on or see any status about trouble tickets.
  44. I understand your request wrt to trouble tickets. Then again, I’ve worked with plenty of companies who have ticket systems and found it very useful to watch tectonic plates moving:)

    I’m glad you got quick response on your issue, which ultimately is what matters:)

    Ticketing is on the list, but new features and capabilities are higher priority right now.

  45. danswartz – Vitelity offers it on all their products even on their $3.98 per month 4000 minute included 2 channel did. ( ongoing special) they have a $10 one time setup charge for it.
  46. Dan,

    it is very possible, there are many providers that use (including some pretty big ones) for some/all of their service and numbers.

    The delay in populating the CNAM database is not an issue with It is possible to get service with with outbound CNAM (and in fact many Bandwdith customers have it). The issue is simply a resource issue getting our portal connected in to access the Bandwidth DIDs that can have the national databases populated. (not all DIDs are created equal…)

  47. by blackhole, i meant the dead-DID email, not the sipstation question. i just heard back from support. i tried the number again and now it works, although they did not say they changed anything. oh well, i guess it might have been delayed getting provisioned.
  48. Dan,

    I don’t think it went into a back hole. Since the module was just released issues with it are being sent to me (I wrote it) and I just happened to have gotten on a plane when you sent the ticket in. The support folks did send it to me but my flight had no in flight internet (a good thing, it’s nice to get away from online these days). You should already have a reply sitting in your inbox 🙂

    As far as ticket systems, that’s a mixed bag. Some people like them and lots of other s don’t. We use a ticket system on the paid support side of things but most customers just deal with it through the email relay anyhow. Your email you send does end up in a ticket system, but I’m sure if you had access to it you would be glad you were dealing with email instead:)

  49. I signed up (also kinda of puzzled the site insisted on a company name?) Anyway, once my account was created, I tried to get a DID to experiment with. I tried all 5 area codes in eastern Massachusetts, and there were none available. Not very impressive 🙁 I didn’t sign up for a trunk (yet), maybe that is the issue? (although if so, it would be nice if that was diagnosed instead of just saying no numbers were found)
  50. dan,

    your timing is bad, we currently have an outage in the number management system that supplies the DIDs that is being worked, so unfortunately, it’s not just the East Coast 🙁

    We hope to have it resolved soon.

  51. I see the number searching stuff works now. Unfortunately, reading the FAQs, I see you do not support outbound CNAM (yes, I know many if not most voip providers don’t.) This is a showstopper for me, since I do not want to hear from friends and family “what is wrong with your phone company? why do we not see your name anymore???”
  52. and i am glad you acknowledge this as a legitimate concern. i’ve heard more than once dismissive comments from voip companies that do NOT have outbound CNAM, acting like i am retarded for thinking this is an issue 🙁 i will be honest: my former verizon landline number is currently with voipo, and i am very happy with their service. i have a great deal, price-wise ($99/yr for unlimited inbound/outbound). this is a grandfathered price, since i was one of the early beta testers. my only quibble is that (for reasons i totally understand), they made the decision some time ago to not allow BYOD, since it increases their support costs – folks like me are grandfathered, but although we are allowed to connect, if we have any issues, we are pretty much on our own, unless we can prove pretty conclusively it is their fault 🙂 if you had outbound CNAM, i’d be happy to get a trunk with a temporary DID, forward my voipo number to the temp number, and use the freepbx trunk for outbound calls and try that for a bit, but until the feature becomes available, no joy 🙁
  53. So I decided to experiment with this service. Got a trunk and temporary DID. Installed the sipstation module and it brought things right up (except for a minor complaint I posted in a different thread about the primary being on the west coast). The big issue: my DID does not work. I cannot see it even coming into my PIAF box. SIP debug shows nothing either. Calls to that DID result in a busy signal. My plan had been to forward my voipo number to the temporary DID so that inbound would use your service and outbound would use theirs (preserving the outbound CNAM for now.) I emailed to the support email address as the website asks a couple of hours ago with no reply 🙁 Some kind of ticket system would be much more useful – this seems to have gone into a black hole 🙁

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