v3 spun off to give it full independence

Philippe Lindheimer

Philippe Lindheimer

There have been some inquiries over the last few weeks along with some additional news that has come out concerning the direction of FreePBX v3 and the lack of activity in SVN.

Rest assured that the intensive work that has gone into this project is live and well but will be continuing under a new project name.

When we set off with the development of v3 we wanted to rewrite a system from ground up and that is exactly how the project was executed. Darren (pyte) was and has been the chief architect of v3 from the beginning. In an attempt to make sure v3 could flourish with maximum creativity and not necessarily be hampered with any “baggage” from v2, the projects were run fairly independently though they shared this same website.

The fact that they were both under the same “FreePBX” umbrella started to create a bit of confusion in places like the Forums and IRC channel. There was also often concern that v2 development, which supports an installed base of probably 500K systems, would be slowed because of v3. Given that v3 has been a rewrite from ground up there was also concern by some when its feature set in the early “betas” was a subset in many ways of what AMP 1.0 had 5.5 years ago.

It became clear that the best thing that could be done for both projects was to spin v3 off into its own identitty thus allowing both FreePBX and the new rewrite to flourish and serve the community in the best possible way. The new project, still run by Darren, is named 2600hz Project and will be the new home to allow v3 to flourish, while FreePBX (v2) continues to evolve and serve the large installed base that it enjoys today.

We will be cleaning up the current web site over the next week to reflect these directions and are excited as always for all the great work that is being done in this place and by all the contributors that help us make such a great project!

Philippe on behalf of the FreePBX Team

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