Author: Lorne Gaetz

Updated FreePBX Security Reporting Policy

The FreePBX team continues its project to phase out the Atlassian stack and streamline OSS efforts for documentation, issue reporting and coding. As part of this, we’re introducing a new Security Policy and a new mechanism for reporting security issues in FreePBX. The official home of FreePBX Security is on GitHub at: There you’ll

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GitHub Issues are Online

As announced a while ago now, the FreePBX project has been moving off of the self-hosted Atlassian stack. Part one of this migration was to permanently move the FreePBX wiki to Confluence in the cloud. If you haven’t seen the new home yet, you can find it here.   The next step of this process

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Sangoma Completing the Open Source Move to GitHub

TL;DR – Effective immediately, Sangoma is migrating the Atlassian stack that is currently hosting and to GitHub. Hello everyone, happy Friday. As has been announced previously, and has been already done successfully for the Asterisk project earlier this year, FreePBX is migrating away from the Atlassian stack in use for project issues and

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FreePBX Security Issues SEC-2023-001 and SEC-2023-002

Summary: Ensure that all FreePBX/PBXact modules are up to date Always monitor and follow up on security notifications from your PBX Ensure that you are on supported FreePBX/PBXact version 15 or greater EOL versions of FreePBX/PBXact (14 or older) do not get security updates or bug fixes! Security Vulnerability SEC-2023-001 Hello all. By now, administrators

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Brand New Module – Missed Call Notification

For the first time in a while, the FreePBX Engineering team has published a new Open Source module, the Missed Call Notification module. This module satisfies the request that comes up periodically in the FreePBX Community Forum to have the PBX generate a notification whenever a call to an extension goes unanswered. With this module,

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