FreePBX 17 – Release Candidate 1

Lorne Gaetz

Lorne Gaetz

Today the FreePBX project announces another milestone for FreePBX 17, Release Candidate (RC1).


Our Beta period has been progressing nicely these last few months, and reports on GitHub have slowed. If you haven’t been following the blogs documenting the progress toward a FreePBX 17 release, then please take a moment to see what’s been happening:

You can still sign up for tomorrow’s (June 25th) live webinar on FreePBX 17  here: Register to FreePBX 17: Installing & Migrating Live Webcast

As described in the previous blog posts, the primary improvements with FreePBX 17 are support for updated libraries, and support for Debian 12.


We still see the occasional report of issues with the move to PHP 8.2 which Engineering has been turning around fairly quickly, so we are still asking anyone and everyone to give FreeBPX 17 a trial run and report any issues you find either on the community forum or on GitHub.

Also a reminder that there are a few blog pages specific to FreePBX 17 where you can learn how to install FreePBX 17 and what the Engineering QA status is for each module.

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