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Lorne Gaetz

Lorne Gaetz

As announced a while ago now, the FreePBX project has been moving off of the self-hosted Atlassian stack. Part one of this migration was to permanently move the FreePBX wiki to Confluence in the cloud. If you haven’t seen the new home yet, you can find it here.


The next step of this process is to get the issue tracker moved to GitHub. For the last few weeks now, the FreePBX issue tracker has been live on GitHub. We’ve been using the time since the soft launch to finalize ticket workflow details. Each module for FreePBX is in a separate GitHub repository and many modules means many repos. In an effort to streamline how ticketing works for the issue reporter, we’ve created a new separate repository just for opening new tickets. You can see it here:

Ultimately, the domain will redirect to this page. 


Going forward, anyone who wishes to file an open source bug for FreePBX will login to GitHub and open a new issue at the above link. Newly opened tickets get tagged as “triage” and during the FreePBX weekly triage meeting, these tickets will be reviewed. Once accepted, the issue will be moved to the appropriate GitHub repository for the module to which the issue relates. You can read details about the issue handling process in the wiki page here.


As the team gains more experience using GitHub for issues and updates workflows, the wiki page will be kept up to date with these changes.


The final phase of the process is Engineering moving over to GitHub now for code commits. We’ll have a blog coming soon explaining how to work with the CLA and how to contribute code to the FreePBX project using GitHub.

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